7th Grade Language Arts

Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts.  Feel free to check this page for class updates and links to assignments.


Accelerated Reader Program and Reading Logs

Hi Everyone!

We officially kicked off the Accelerated Reader Program (AR) this week, as well as our weekly Reading Logs.  All students are required to bring a reading book to class daily and complete their nightly Reading Logs at home (or in class as time permits).  The expectations are simple, just read 20 or more minutes a day and briefly reflect on what you read in your Reading Log.

Please see me, or email with any questions.


 Mr. Trench

Argumentative Vocabulary Words: Quiz Friday

There were eight argumentative vocabulary words given this week.  There will be a quiz (matching word to definition) on Friday.

Mr. Trench

AR Program Starting Soon

Hi Everyone,
I've decided to hold off on the reading logs this week since we are about to launch the AR (Accelerated Reading) program here at Dartmouth.  I'm hoping to start doing library visits as soon as next week.  Stay tuned!

Mr. Trench

Reading Log

Starting next week (9/15/14) all of my classes will be required to complete a daily reading log, to be turned in every Friday.  The basic requirement is 20 minutes of reading a day.  Copies will be given to students every Monday, however, if it is lost the reading log is attached here.  Countless studies have shown that reading helps both comprehension and writing skills! 
Get your read on!!!

Block Schedule Continues

We are still on block schedule to complete MAPs testing this week.  6th grade students will continue analyzing newspaper articles and "Marking the Text," as they understand how writers convey information.  Seventh grade students will be completing a "Storyboard" for the short story "Three Skeleton Key," as we analyze plot structure.  The storyboard template is posted online and will be due Friday.

Good luck on your MAPs testing!!

Mr. Trench