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Dartmouth Middle School is an AVID demonstration school.  The following supplies are needed for their AVID binders.   All students should have this binder, even if they are not in the AVID elective class.
1.  1 - 2 or 3-inch binder (used for all classes)
2.  Dividers with tabs or pockets, or folders (three-hole-punched) for each class
3.  Loose-leaf paper
4.  Pencils
5.  Pens
6.  Highlighters
7.  Erasers
8.  Sticky Notes
Please note, some teachers require a separate notebook or three-prong folder for their class.  In addition, math teachers may require a whiteboard marker as well.
Colored markers or pencils
Glue sticks
Small pencil sharpener
Flash Drive
Any permanent markers, sharpies or white-out are not allowed on campus. Please do not send students to school with these items.