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New Cell Phone Policy - Please Read

Dartmouth Families: This is to inform you of our updated cell phone policy.
Staff will no longer personally confiscate a cell phone. Staff will refer the student to the office for confiscation to remove liability from the employee.
Staff will direct the student to immediately turn their cell phone into the front office.

If they refuse to go to the office we will have a supervisor escort the student to the office. This student will incur progressive consequences for defiance and cell phone use.
Reminder: When cell phones are confiscated, students are able to get them back on the closest THURSDAY (not usually the same day). However, a parent/guardian can pick the cell phone up from the office on any day prior, including the day of confiscation.
Once the student comes to the office, the following procedure will be followed:
- Office staff will receive the cell phone and document the student's first and last name, date of confiscation, cell phone description with any damage notes, and then have the student initial in the Cell Phone Confiscation Log.
- Cell phones will immediately be turned off by the student. Then office staff will tag the cell phone with a sticky note with the student's first and last name. Rubber band the sticky to the cell phone.
- This cell phone will be turned over to the counselor, who will then initial the log upon receipt of the phone. She will document and contact parent and lock it up in the cell phone lock box. Parent or student will retrieve the cell phone by printing their name, signing, and dating the Cell Phone Confiscation Log.
The cell phone confiscation policy was updated in the student handbook and posted on the school website.