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Mr. Clark's Physical Education Home Page

Coach Clark’s PE Grading Procedures

Dressing Out Participation Fitness Test
Total Triad Points 4 Total Triad Points 4 Total Triad Points 4
0-1 nondress violations= 4pts 0-1 absences or NPs = 4pts Passed all tests = 4pts
2 nondress violations = 3pts 2-3 absences or NPs = 3pts 1 fail = 3pts
3 nondress violations = 2pts 4-5 absences or NPs = 2pts 2 fails = 2pts
4 nondress violations = 1pt 6-7 absences or NPs = 1pt 3 fails = 1pt
5 nondress violations = loss of participation points for each day.
Students that have more than 3 non dress violations will sit out for the period and will have an effect on participation points.
8 or more absences or NPs = 0pt
*A NP or nonparticipation will be recorded when a student is not giving best effort.
Absences may be made up by doing extra fitness when they return. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for make ups. 4 or more fails = 0pt
Fitness tests may not be made up unless student is absent or they have a parent note due to illness.

Students will begin each triad with 12 points. There are 6 weeks in a triad. A fitness test (jog/walk, mile, or plyometrics) will be given each week. Students are to have the proper athletic shoes for safety reasons. No jewelry is allowed unless for medical or spiritual reasons. We encourage students to not simply put PE clothes over their street clothes. Sweat pants and shirts may be worn over PE clothes only during colder temperatures. Points will be deducted in the Dressing Out category for excessive infractions in these areas.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at
Thanks for your support,

Coach Clark