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Welcome to the Computer Exploratory Class

Dear Parents & Students,

Welcome to the Dartmouth Middle School Computer Exploratory Class. This is a 20-week semester course class given through your elective program. We will be spending much time learning and exploring many different computer applications and tools that can be useful anywhere. You can be very successful in this class and find it fun and beneficial at the same time. All you have to do is be present, positive, participate, and put forth an effort; the rest is easy!
Your child has a Hemet Unified School District Google account. All of your child's daily activities and assignments are posted in their Google Classroom which you are invited to see.
Thank you.
Mr. S. Rossi

Recent Posts Class Codes / Spring 2017

Period 1: VFDFTJ

Period 2: WMEWMB

Period 4: NMQLFG

Period 5: MZYKSY

Period 6: SYYQRT


D.M.S. Novell Guest Log In

Username: knights

Password: 123

You would only use the guest log in if there was absolutely no way for you to log on otherwise. If you ever have a log in issue, see Mr. Rossi before or after school. You do not have access to your (F: Drive) network drive when using the guest log in.

The Novell Log In / Logging in to the H.U.S.D. Network

Example Student: John Doe
Permanent ID # 12345

Novell Log In

Username: jd12345

Password: 12345

If you have never logged in to the Novell Network, or your password has been reset, your password is your Permanent ID # (lunch number). The network will then prompt you to change your password to something other than your Permanent ID #.

Scratch Computer Programming Language

You can download the Scratch Programming language / (Offline editor) application for free. Check out the links on this page.

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Stephen Rossi
Computer Exploratory Teacher
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