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Dartmouth Takes in the Solar Eclipse

Students and staff were able to view today's solar eclipse thanks to the Dartmouth Science department getting special viewing goggles for all our students and staff. Students spent third period using the lenses to take observations and notes on the eclipse. Thank you to our Science Department for heading up such a great teachable moment.
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First Day of School Information

Supply list!!

1 1/2 - 2" Binder , 5 subject tab dividers, blue pens, black pens, expo markers, erasers, 2 different colored highlighters, pencils, glue sticks, scissors and sticky notes!

Students will only need their binder and writing utensil on the first day. PE teachers will let them know when to bring clothes.

Our office is open all week from 7-3:30 except Friday we will open at 10:30. Bring in your registration packets, T-Dap record if needed by Friday, August 4th.

First day of school is Monday, August 7th!! We can't wait to see you!!
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Modified Wednesday Schedules

Research shows that teacher collaboration time is linked to increased student achievement. As such, teachers have been provided weekly collaboration time on Wednesdays to achieve this goal. Please click "Read More" to view the new bell schedule
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