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Temporary Adjustments to Bathroom Routine

Hi parents of DMS students,
In an attempt to increase the safety and cleanliness of our bathrooms because of numerous incidents involving the school restrooms, we recently required an additional step for our students to access the bathroom during class time/instructional time. During this time, students will be required to get a supervisor from room 309 to unlock the bathroom. However, during all passing periods, the bathrooms will be completely unlocked. Students may also use the restrooms in the PE locker-room during PE as well. 
Once again, this additional step is temporarily in place to increase the safety and cleanliness of our bathrooms. We ask all students to be responsible with the restrooms and to report any inappropriate activity they may witness in the restrooms to adults on campus.
Please note: All students have access to the bathroom during their school day. However, the procedures to access the bathroom during class time has changed temporarily. We have shared this with our students and appreciate you, as parents, reinforcing this expectation so Dartmouth can continue to be a safe and cleanly place to come to school.